Phoebe Liang D’Alessandro



Originally from China, married to an Italian, and living in Iowa, Phoebe Liang D'Alessandro has been a CultureALL Ambassador for nine years. She believes sharing her culture with students and community members helps them gain a different perspective. The experiences of another nation can teach us what we need to learn or what to avoid. At times, another culture can serve as a mirror, providing a way for us to get to know ourselves.

Phoebe believes that people of all cultures are fundamentally the same: they want to love and be loved. Her love for children and Iowa communities gives her a good start for effective communication with her audiences.

Today, most of Phoebe's workshops focus on one message: to live in harmony with nature. This is also the core of the ancient Chinese philosophy of the unity of the universe and humans. She hopes the Western world gains an understanding of this ancient Chinese philosophy and how it can potentially benefit us, given the numerous crises the world is facing today.

Besides working for CultureAll, Phoebe is an entrepreneur producing and selling beauty and healthcare products online and at local shops. Even in making her health and beauty products, she remains faithful to her motto of "living in harmony with nature."