Travel in China

Presented by

Phoebe Liang D’Alessandro



China is a vast country with diverse geography, including mountains, coastal regions, forests, rural and urban areas.  In this presentation, history and geography intertwine as we explore some of China’s “must-see” places. This session is meant to stimulate students’ interest in visiting and learning more about China.

China has complex geographic conditions, from the highest point in the world in Tibet to the Pacific Ocean to the east and south of the country. There are also many great cities and provinces such as the great, ancient capitals of Beijing and Xi’an in the North, the extreme natural beauty of Yunnan and Sichuan in the south; the bustling, contemporary metropolitan center of Shanghai in the east, to Guangzhou a southern city where China’s best food converges. In this presentation, these and other “must see” places will be shown and explained.

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45 min

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