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CultureALL values the cultures of our community. You’ll see us in schools, the workplace, and wherever people gather.

The experiences we provide invite Iowans to participate in cultural traditions that lead to a greater appreciation for the diversity around them. The ultimate goal of CultureALL is to elevate individuals' behaviors and attitudes to a higher level of acceptance and collaboration for the benefit of our region.

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With over 70 CultureALL Ambassadors, representing 30+ world cultures, CultureALL offers educational programs for students of all ages. Rich in activities, personal stories, and artifacts, these interactive experiences create the foundation for academic learning while developing the next generation of informed and compassionate global citizens.

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CultureALL provides various opportunities for individuals to learn more about the people they interact with on a daily basis. From programs for seniors to summer camps for children, house parties featuring ethnic flavors to unique storytelling events, multicultural events to musical performances, CultureALL welcomes you to experience and appreciate today’s diverse world.



Whether they realize or not, your employees are part of a global economy, working hand-in-hand with people of various cultures. The better they understand those cultures, the more productive they will become as individuals and teams. CultureALL enhances your diversity training efforts with lunch and learns, executive coaching, diversity week planning, cultural networking opportunities and more.

CultureALL believes that sharing the cultural richness of our community with others will elevate our society and the quality of life for all.

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CultureALL in the Community

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CultureALL could not achieve its mission without the generous support of these valued community partners who understand the importance of creating an inclusive community.