J.J. Kapoor (center) shares his story at an Open Book event at the Des Moines Partnership

Open Book

You can’t judge a book by its cover. The same is true of people.

 Inspired by the international Human Library project, Open Book is a community project that creates connections and builds social cohesion through story sharing events where People are “Books” and You are a “Reader”.“

Books” are community members from diverse backgrounds who have faced discrimination, prejudice, and stigma and are willing to share their personal experiences. Community member “Readers” who attend Open Book events will gain a more complex sense of the Books as they “check them out”, hear their stories, and engage with them through small group or one-to-one conversation.

The Open Book story sharing format sets aside debates and agendas. It turns “sound bites” and rhetoric into something more tangible. Through the experience, both Books and Readers discover they have much in common despite their differences. And the experience triggers new, positive connections.

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