Saris and Silk: Beyond Fashion

Presented by

Mamta Israni


A culture’s clothing goes beyond fashion. It reflects the climate, conditions, religions, social customs, and overall history of a country. In India, the traditional clothing worn is as varied as the language, food, and lifestyle of the various regions. Indian clothing is colorful and free flowing and is a direct reflection of the country’s cultural and ethnic diversity. Traditional materials for Indian clothing include cotton and silk and are used for saris, dhotis, sherwanis, salwar kameez, etc.

In this workshop, Mamta Israni of India gives participants the opportunity to observe and wear traditional clothing from the various parts of India. They learn how, where, and when different styles and fabrics are worn. Participants also roleplay the process of purchasing clothing in India and learn how it differs from their own experiences.

Workshop Details






Standard Length


Room Setup

Open space for students to sit on the floor near Mamta

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Display table at front of room

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