Indian Wedding

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Sonal Mistry


Few occasions are as festive as a traditional Indian wedding. Bright flowing fashions, matrimonial games and religious ceremonies, singing, dancing, and even flirting are all part of the fun. Family and friends travel from villages and continents around the globe to participate in this special event, which often lasts for five days. While “love marriages” are now commonplace, a good percentage of young suitors still prefer to have their elders introduce them to a life partner. This is the modern day variation of what is known in the west as an “arranged marriage” – a tradition that began around 500 BCE. CultureALL Ambassador Sonal Mistry was introduced to her future husband after she graduated from university. Now in Iowa, Sonal presents workshops to share the many cultural customs, from henna and rangoli artistry to dandiya and garba folk dances.

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