Kabaddi – Indian Team Sport

Presented by

Sonal Mistry


Kabaddi is a team sport originally from South Asia that is popular throughout the region. It is the national game of Bangladesh and the state game of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh in India. The name – often chanted during a game – derives from a Hindi word meaning “holding of breath,” which is indeed the crucial aspect of play. In India, Kabaddi attained national status in the year 1918.

During this Kabaddi workshop, participants learn how yoga, the Indian science to control body and mind through meditation and self-control, plays an integral part in Kabaddi. This is perhaps one of the few sports to combine yoga with exciting physical activity. The game calls for agility, good lung capacity, muscular coordination, presence of mind, and quick responses. For a single player to take on seven opponents is no small task; it requires daring as well as an ability to concentrate and anticipate the opponent’s moves. Participants are exposed to the importance of interaction with players from different countries and diverse cultures.

Workshop Details




Physical Education, Social Studies


30 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Open space - gym preferred, or outdoor space with grass

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

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