The Tai Dam Journey

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Khong Lovan*


Tai Dam is a culture that is based in several countries, including Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Laos, and developed because of a unified trek.

In this workshop, participants learn about the Tai Dam, who have been called the “people without a country,” and their journey from their original homeland in Vietnam through their emigration from Laos to Iowa beginning in 1975. Approximately 80% of the Tai Dam in the U.S. live in Iowa.

CultureALL Ambassador Khong Lovan will share her family’s experience of relocating/resettling and describe how growing up in different cultures has shaped who she is today.

Through her personal stories and pictures, participants will get a glimpse of the life and culture of Indigenous Tai Dam people in Southeast Asia and explore the meaning of culture and significance of family. Participants will also have an opportunity to see and touch examples of traditional textiles, artifacts, and woven baskets.

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Tai Dam Culture



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