Hawaiian Games

Presented by

Tavita Taue’etia


Participants will learn about the culture of the Hawaiian islands as they learn to play some traditional Hawaiian games.

Ulu Maika is a traditional Hawaiian game that is similar to bowling, where a ball, stone, or other object is tossed or rolled between two stakes in the ground. It’s harder than it sounds – the stakes are placed only 6 inches apart, and players must stand 20-30 feet away to make the toss. A similar game – Tihe Pae –uses a stick or (if you are very skilled) a spear instead of a ball.

In this workshop, Hawaiian/Samoan Tavita Taueetia will teach the participants to play a safe, lively version of these games, which young people in the islands still play today. The beauty of the games is that they can be played almost anywhere, with whatever you have handy – you don’t need fancy sports equipment or technology. Games can be played in the gym or outside on the grass if weather permits.

Workshop Details




Physical Education, Social Studies


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Gym or other large open space; can be outdoors

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

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