Hawai'i – Hula Dance 101

Presented by

Ilima Young-Dunn


CultureALL Ambassador Ilima Young-Dunn will teach workshop participants the basics of hula. Participants will learn a little about the history of the dance – why it was first danced on the islands, how the dance form was almost lost, and how King David Kalakaua saved the hula by bringing it back in a new form.

Ilima will help participants to understand the narrative aspect of the hula and how it uses hand gestures to tell a story. She will show some of the many props and costume pieces used in performance and teach the participants a simple version of the hula. It’s a great way to get your participants up and moving – and learning – all at the same time.

Workshop Details




Dance, Social Studies, Geography


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Large open space with room for dancing

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

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