Aboriginal Storytelling & Art

Presented by

Brenda McGuire


Dating back over 40,000 years, the Aborigines of Australian are the longest continuing culture in the world. CultureALL Ambassador Brenda McGuire will share the unique culture of the Aboriginal people native to the continent of Australia through their stories and art work.

Participants will learn about Australia and its people and about Aboriginal history, culture, art, music, and dancing. The focus will be on Aboriginal art – symbols, colors, animal representations, patterns, etc. – while exploring its meaning and connection to their culture. They will learn about Aboriginal storytelling and “the dreamtime” and understand that language, stories, folktales, music, and artistic creations are expressions of culture. Participants will also identify the natural resources of the region.

Workshop Details




Social Studies, Art, Music, Storytelling


50 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Classroom style seating at desks/tables with chairs

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Table for Display, Crayons/colors for K-6, Computer/Projector for 6-12th grade, Globe, White Board and/or Flip Chart

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