Chores in the Philippines

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In the American culture, chores are sometimes regarded as activities that have no serious consequences if skipped. This is not true in the culture of the Philippines, where every family member is expected to contribute to the household.

Participants will learn how Filipinos do housework the old fashioned way, with hands-on activities, such as doing laundry without a washing machine. Students will experience how Filipinos pump water for laundry(balloon simulation), make starch from rice, and iron clothes with coal operated iron. They will also learn what it really means to children in thePhilippines if they do not do their chores. Through a slide presentation, participants get a taste of this unique and beautiful country as CultureALLAmbassador Yolanda Duerson shares her childhood memories, including how doing chores helped her put food on her family’s table.

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The Philippines


Social Studies, Science, Consumer Science



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Classroom style seating at desks/tables with chairs

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Access to a projector

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