West African Drum Band

Presented by

Fonziba Koster


In this workshop/assembly program, CultureALL Ambassador Fonziba Koster will train a pre-selected group of up to thirty participants to play authentic djembe hand-drums from the Ivory Coast, West Africa. This African Drum Band will then perform with her in an assembly for the entire school.

During the assembly, Fonziba involves the audience by teaching them an African call and response song and a variety of African style body percussion rhythms to be played along with the drumming. She also invites volunteers to come up and learn African dance steps and create freestyle solos to the drumming. Everyone present can become fully engaged in this exhilarating experience of African culture and leave feeling uplifted and energized.

This program can be stretched into a longer residency where participants can be coached towards a public performance for your school’s family night or other special events. Ask about the options when you book your program.

Workshop Details


West Africa





Standard Length

Multiple sessions of at least 45 min

Room Setup

Chairs arranged in a circle; gymnasium not recommended

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

This assembly has a higher fee than regular workshops.

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