Up, Up and Away: Kites around the World

Presented by

Mamta Israni


Most historians believe that kites were first flown 3000 years ago in China. The materials used probably included bamboo for the frame and silk for the sail and bridle. Over the years, the kite has been used for science experiments involving weather and aerodynamics. Kite technology may also have led to other inventions: the airplane, parachute, and helicopter.

In this workshop, participants will trace the history of the kite from its origins to its popularity today. They will examine the importance of this popular past-time in different cultures. Kites and kite-flying are popular activities in Indian culture, and various materials can be used to make them. Participants will make their own kites.

Best suited for students in grades 2-6.

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Art; Math; Social Studies; Physics; Language Arts



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