The Importance of Citizenship

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Eric Idehen



Eric Idehen, a Community Development Officer at Wells Fargo, is fluent in eight languages (including Russian and Spanish), he serves on the board of several community organizations addressing diversity and is the founding president of Cornerstone of Hope, an orphanage in his hometown of Benin City, Nigeria. In this workshop, Mr. Idehen will enchant students with a glimpse into Nigerian culture by sharing personal photographs, clothing items and naira bills. He will share the story of his journey from Nigeria to the United States and his road to success in his adopted country  Mr. Idehen will share his belief that giving back is the path to being a good citizen. Students will learn about the orphanage that he started in Nigeria and explore their own ideas of how they can be good citizens.

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Social Studies, Citizenship



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Access to a projector and display table

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