Tea Time

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Mamta Israni



For many people of Asia, the tea drinking ritual is a way to bring together the mind and the body. Some cultures focus on the ceremony while others focus on the tea itself. The variety of tea grown in a country depends upon the climate, soil conditions and cultural preferences.

Students in this workshop will have the opportunity to experience the importance of tea in Asian cultures. They will explore the purpose of the ceremonies and rituals and reflect on what they may represent for the culture. A variety of tea samples will be presented and students will learn the chemistry behind the various types (tannins, flavonoids, etc.). They will also compare green teas and black teas and discuss the fermentation process. In addition, students will participate in a tea ceremony and/or create their own tea ritual.

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Global - Multicultural


Geography; Chemistry; Health; Family and Consumer Science; Soils Science; Social Studies; Biology



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