Rangoli – Indian Designs

Presented by

Sonal Mistry


Rangoli is an art form that blends the beautiful colors of diverse Indian culture and tradition. Designs are created with a vibrant mix of colors at the entrance of many Indian houses as a wonderful welcome to guests. The motifs or designs used for rangoli are mostly taken from the natural surroundings like that of peacocks, swans, vines, other animals, flowers, and footprints of gods or goddesses. In the early days, colors were drawn from the bark of trees and leaves, but in the present time, many synthetic forms are available. People today even use home spices and condiments like red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, and pulses (beans, lentils, and peas) to decorate their rangoli.

During this workshop, participants explore art, math, and geometry as well as culture, ecology, and history as they create their own rangoli designs.

Workshop Details




Social Studies, Art, Math, History


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

2 display tables, white glue, pencil and copy of rangoli grid for each student

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