Education in Nepal

Presented by

Shweta Agrahari


Through this workshop, participants will learn the struggles of Nepalese students to receive basic education and compare and contrast education in Nepal and the U.S.

Nepal became a republic in 2008 and is a developing country. The current education system in Nepal is one of the youngest in the world and is still developing. Education in Nepal is not compulsory as there is no governance over it. Private schools are very costly; not many Nepalese people can afford them. Many students struggle to receive basic education.

Access to education in Nepal is unequal across income and gender groups. Poor infrastructure, lack of technology, traditional teaching techniques, lack of English learning environment, and shortage of funds all contribute to the quality of education, particularly in rural communities. Although the American system of education is far more developed and advanced, students in our schools today are facing some of the same problems.

Workshop Details




Social Studies



Standard Length


Room Setup

Classroom style seating at desks/tables with chairs

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Access to a projector

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