Breaking Bread Together

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Mamta Israni


Just like the people who bake them, breads have many different characteristics. The climate, soil conditions, dietary habits, available fuel sources, and other factors determine the type of bread a culture consumes. The type of grain, the shape of the loaf, the seasonings, and decorations are all related to the country and the culture of the people.

Participants will examine the different types of breads found in various parts of the world (unleavened and leavened). They will discuss the leavening process and how it works. They will roll flat breads and mix up ingredients for yeast breads. Students will explore breads that are steamed, fried, and roasted and contemplate why all cultures do not eat the same type of bread.

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Global - Multicultural


Geography; Chemistry; Health; Family and Consumer Science; Earth Science; Social Studies



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