Marie Quanbeck



Marie Quanbeck was born in the South of Norway in Kristiansand. She traveled to the U.S. in 1967 to study English and secondary education with a plan to return to her homeland and teach English. Because she fell in love and married an American, she taught 8th grade English, reading, and Spanish here instead.

Marie is an avid marathoner after taking up competitive running at the age of 58. She developed a love for photography in fifth grade when she learned to make black & white prints with her dad in the darkroom. She’s also Cultural Director for Sons of Norway in Des Moines. Marie and her husband enjoy traveling and visiting their children and four grandchildren (two boys and two girls) in sunny California whenever they can.

Marie feels that CultureALL’s work is really important because when we don’t learn about each other, we make up our own imperfect impressions which can be a recipe for disaster. CultureALL experiences can help us learn to value each other, which is vital, especially now.