Frank Strong



“Freight Train” Frank Strong is a guitarist, vocalist, and harmonica player who has been performing blues, folk, country, and Americana music for over 30 years. He was born in Council Bluffs, the eastern terminus of the Union Pacific railroad, and learned many railroad songs when he began to play guitar and harmonica. Mr. Strong has taught hundreds of folks how to play the harmonica. He has also produced three music CDs and his own harmonica-training manual, which is available on his website.

Frank also wants you to know:
“I have a physical disability, namely blindness. I explain that my disability prohibits me from reading printed books (I am able to read Braille books) and from driving a car. I further explain that my disability is usually a minor issue in my life. I encourage the children to develop their skills and abilities and not to worry about the limitations they have. I explain to the children that it is not important what they cannot do… it is only important to realize what they CAN do. I further encourage the children to identify their abilities and to develop them as much as possible.”