American Blues Music

Presented by

Frank Strong



Frank Strong, Jr. has been playing Blues music his entire life, ever since learning at a young age that Blues has its roots here in America and was created by African Americans. Frank’s workshops focus on both the history of Blues and the music itself. Not only does he perform, but he also shares vital yet unknown historical and societal aspects of Blues music and its place in American life. In his live performances, Frank sings Blues tunes and plays both the guitar and harmonica, exposing school children to Blues music from the Delta, Piedmont, Memphis, and Chicago. As a blind man, Frank has some understanding of what it’s like to be left on the fringes of “typical” American life and believes music has the unique ability to express emotions and communicate with others in a sublime and powerful way.

In this workshop, Frank uses Blues music to convey emotions and share a special musical relationship with others. Students will compare different musical styles and learn the fundamentals and geography of the Blues. They will get a chance to try some instruments for themselves and even create their own Blues song.

Workshop Details




Social Studies, History, Music


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Open space with room for students to move; clean floor

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

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