Sones de Mi Tierra Folkloric Dance Assembly

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Immerse yourself in a swirl of bright, colorful dresses, rhythmic Mexican music, and the traditions of Mexican Folkloric dance during Sones de Mi Tierra's assembly. Folkloric dance is a traditional folk dance from Mexico. Each region of the country has a distinct style and tradition of folkloric dance represented by different music, clothing, and movements. Sones de Mi Tierra will perform their unique routines for your organization. Participants will have the opportunity to try on traditional Mexican dresses and headwear and dance alongside the group. Each member represents a different Mexican state, all of which are incorporated into the performance. Rosa Juarez comes from Michoacan, Irma Escobedo Sandoval from Guadalajara, Liliana Reyes from Chihuahua, Elsa Reyes from Oaxaca, and Lily Peralta from Zacatecas. They are excited to share the vibrant, lively traditional dance from home with you.

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