Piñatas (made with Recycled Materials)

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Piñatas are a distinct element of the Mexican culture.  They were introduced in 16th century by the Europeans as tool to teach religion.  Today in Mexico pinatas are used for celebrations, birthday parties, and Christmas parties.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will make a very easy and simple piñata and learn some elements of the Mexican folklore.

This workshop is best suited for grades 7 to adult.

It usually take 90 minutes to construct a piñata. Ana recommends 2sessions of 45 minutes each.  She will bring most of the materials needed, but some basic schools supplies – scissors, white glue or glue sticks – would be helpful if available.

Participants may also bring pictures from magazines or print outs of illustrations to help decorate their piñatas.

Workshop Details




Art, Social Studies, Folk Lore


25 max

Standard Length

2 sessions of at least 45 min

Room Setup

Room with desks or work tables

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Scissors, white glue or glue sticks

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