Peruvian Pan Flutes

Presented by

Cucho Madero


Cucho Madero is a professional musician who performs at festivals around Iowa. In this interactive workshop, Cucho will play the pan flute and discuss its history in the world and in Peru. He will describe ancient civilizations in Peru and explain the role and importance of music in Peruvian culture. He will invite participants to join him in performing music with rattles, drums, rain-sticks, and small Peruvian pan flutes.

Cucho’s English language is somewhat limited, so having a supporter who speaks Spanish can be very helpful. Cucho enjoys speaking with participants who are learning Spanish – if you would like him to add some Spanish vocabulary or language practice to his lesson, please let us know when you book your workshop.

Workshop Details





Music, Social Studies

Standard Length

25 max

Room Setup

45 min

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Please provide alcohol wipes for cleaning flutes between student uses.

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