Origami: Playing with Paper

Presented by

Yoko Tanaka


Yoko Tanaka, Executive Director of Japan America Society of Iowa, unfolds Japanese culture for participants as they discover the creative art of origami. “We begin with the end in mind,” Ms. Tanaka says as they examine their square sheets of paper. Imagining the final product, participants follow Ms. Tanaka’s graceful guidance and fold each crease with patience, precision, and trust.

Origami has a long history in Japanese culture as a children’s pastime. Patterns range from simple to highly sophisticated. Children learn from their elders how to make different objects, enjoying the surprise of a piece of paper turning into three-dimensional objects.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to make 2 or 3 origami creations.

Workshop Details




Social Studies, Math, Art, Character Counts


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Classroom style seating at desks/tables with chairs

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Overhead projector (ELMO) is helpful

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