Musical Instruments – Capoeira

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Julio Arruda dos Santos

Students will learn about the musical instruments that are part of the art form of Capoeira, an Afro‐Brazilian martial art/dance that originated in Brazil during the time of slavery. The African slaves developed Capoeira, disguising it as a dance with handstands, kicks, and flips, and then used it to help free themselves from oppression. Today, Capoeira is celebrated for its beauty, tradition, and profound importance in the history of Brazil.

In this workshop, participants explore the significance of the music and various instruments used in Capoeira, such as the bidding bow, pandeiro, the atabaque drum, and the agogo. If time and space permits, they will also learn about the language and the rules of Capoeira and how to “play.”

Instructors for this workshop may vary, depending on the date and the size of the class.   Holly may teach solo, or bring another Capoeira artist visiting from Brazil.

Workshop Details




Physical Education, Dance, Music, Social Studies


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Gym is preferred

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Chair; for longer workshops - tumbling mats, hula hoops, and cones, if available

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