Mexican Cooking: Flour Tortillas

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Flour tortillas are often used in Mexican restaurants in the USA. Although most traditional Mexican tortillas are made with corn. in the northern states of Mexico, flour tortillas are also very popular.

Participants will learn how to make delicious flour tortillas from scratch. This workshop is best suited for high school students or adults. It can also include preparation of Mexican Lemonade and/or Salsa – please ask when you book your workshop.

For each participant to be able to make and cook their own tortillas a consumer science lab or community kitchen space is required. If no such room is available, Ana can demonstrate the cooking using a hotplate.

Workshop Details




Family/Consumer Science - Culinary Arts; Social Studies


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Room with desks or work tables; Consumer science lab or kitchen if available

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Please ask

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