Mexican Cooking: Corn Tortillas

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Corn tortillas are a basic element of Mexican cooking. Aztecs considered corn a gift from the gods and was fundamental on their diet and it continues being a very important element on Mexican diet.

Participants will learn how to make delicious Corn tortillas from scratch.   The workshop can also include learning to make Mexican Salsa and/or Lemonade – please ask when you book your workshop.

This workshop can be adapted from 4th grade to adults.  It works well in a consumer science room or kitchen classroom. If that is not available, Ana can bring a hotplate to cook the tortillas.

Workshop Details




Family/Consumer Science - Culinary Arts; Social Studies


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Room with desks or work tables; Consumer science lab or kitchen if available

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Please ask

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