Kibungo – The Beast of The Brazilian Rainforest

Presented by

Calle Sur


In this workshop, participants will learn about Kibungo, a legendary beast from the Brazilian rain forest who is outsmarted by all other rain forest animals when Kibungo tries to eat them. Although this interactive, high-energy, instructive musical theater program can simply be enjoyed by young children and their families and teachers for its own sake, it is a perfect vehicle for enhancing awareness of some of the causes of rainforest destruction, and, in a fable-like fashion, this folk tale teaches how the use of one's intelligence can overcome physical limitations. This program can be adapted to informal settings such as school gyms or classrooms, as well as to large, fully equipped stages. Rainforest slides can be shown as well, for which a screen and LCD projector needs to be supplied.

Workshop Details






Standard Length

35 minutes-2 hours

Room Setup

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

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