Japanese Taiko Drumming

Presented by

Tanis Sotelo


Taiko drums have been a part of the Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Centuries ago, Taiko drums were used in many different ways, such as scaring off insects in farm fields, scaring off evil spirits in rituals by Shinto priests, being played in theatre plays, and used as a siren to gather or warn other villagers. Today, Taiko has been a growing phenomenon in the United States with over a hundred groups playing Taiko drums for festivals, events, and concerts.

In this workshop, participants will listen to a live demonstration of Taiko drum playing. They will also learn how to play Japanese Taiko drums through the fun arm and vocal exercises without hitting a drum. This method of playing Japanese Taiko drums is used by beginners and professional players to help improve their form and techniques.

Workshop Details




Music, Social Studies


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Open space with room for students to do full arm movements

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Access to a projector

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