Japanese Festival Dance

Presented by

Tanis Sotelo


In this workshop, participants will learn a very popular and well-known Japanese Festival dance. They will also listen to Japanese festival songs and learn about items found in Japanese festivals, such as masks and fans.

In August, Japan and many Japanese communities around the world celebrate an annual festival called Obon, commonly known as the Festival of Lanterns, where families come together to celebrate and honor their ancestors’ spirits. The dance associated with the festival was originally a folk dance to welcome one’s ancestors’ spirits to the world. In modern times, many people dance to express their joy to be living happily and to honor loved ones who have passed away. There are hundreds of Japanese festival dances that characterize different regions, music, and lifestyles from all around Japan.

Workshop Details




Dance, Music, Social Studies, Holidays


25 max

Standard Length

45 min

Room Setup

Open space for dancing

Supplies/Equipment Needed:

Access to a projector

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