Baking Blue Ribbons

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Kay Fenton Smith


Kay’s second book, Baking Blue Ribbons: Stories and Recipes from the Iowa State Fair Food Competitions, is a unique slice of Iowa history. In her presentation, she brings samples of blue ribbon baked goods and shares stories from every generation of the Iowa State Fair since 1854. Meet pioneer women who baked the first winning cakes in woodstoves. Hear stories of farm wives who saved butter and sugar rations and kept the State Fair food contests going after two world wars. Learn from today’s champion bakers and expert food judges who share tips and techniques for “baking blue ribbons” at home. Kay's book includes more than 160 recipes from the 1800s to modern-day Iowa State Fair winners. This workshop is a terrific glimpse into Iowa culinary history, women’s history, and our Midwestern culture through food.

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