Loi Krathong Art Project

Materials needed:

1 full sized paper plate

2 dessert sized paper plates

Paint, markers or crayons



1. Begin by decorating (with paint, markers or crayons) the backs of all three paper plates. The design will be a flower so coloring it in sections, like petals, will work or each plate can be a solid color.

2. Once the plates are colored and dried then, starting from the outside edge of the full sized plate, cut approximately 3” long slits towards the center of the plate roughly 3” apart to make the petals. After cutting the petals roll them slightly up and towards the center of the plate so that they resemble the petals of a flower.

3. Repeat the above process with one of the dessert sized plates so that it is a slightly smaller version of the first ‘flower’.  

4. With the last dessert sized plate, cut the outer 2 inches of the rim of the plate off so that it will be smaller than the dessert sized plate from step 3. (Keep the outside ring you cut off for use later.) Once it is trimmed down repeat the petal slits as before.

5. Using the outside ring that you cut off from the 2nd dessert plate cut 6 or more 2” long triangles from it. Curl the triangles to look like leaves and set aside.

6. Once all the plates are cut and decorated assemble them by placing the dessert plate in the center of the dinner plate and gluing it down, then place the trimmed down plate in the center of the dessert plate and glue that down. Using the curled triangles glue them in the middle of the top plate to make the center of your flower. Curl and adjust the ‘petals’ until you have a 3 layer flower that is your Krathong!

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