Culture Kit by Brazil n’ Beats Brazilian

Samba Instrument GANZÁ


Recycled Plastic Bottle

¾ Cup of Rice (and/or beans, found objects)

1 T course salt (optional)

5 Bonfim Wish Bracelets

1 Small Roll of Yarn of Blue, Yellow and Green

1 Paper Funnel (rolled sheet of paper)


1. Place the paper funnel in the opening of the plastic bottle.

2. Pour the rice in the bottle. (add beans and/or found objects if you like)

3. Put 3 bracelets in the bottle.

Creative Suggestion - cut the ribbon in tiny pieces if you wish or leave them as is.

4. Use the yarn to decorate your GANZÁ.

Creative Suggestion - Wrap the yarn around the plastic bottle and tie a knot to secure it on the bottle. Braid the yarn then wrap it on the outside of the bottle

5. Wrap one of the Bonfim Wish Bracelets round the mouth of the bottle.

6. Have someone tie the remaining Bonfim Wish bracelet around your wrist using 3 knots. Make a wish as they are doing it. Leave the bracelet on till it falls off. When it falls off your dream will come true!


The ganzá is a Brazilian rattle used as a percussion instrument, especially in samba music. It is cylindrically shaped and can be either a hand-woven basket or a metal canister which is filled with beads, metal balls, pebbles, or other similar items. Those made from metal produce a particularly loud sound. They are usually used to play a rhythm underneath the rest of the band.

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