What does your organization need next so it can benefit from new perspectives?

September 4, 2023

Source: Priscilla Du Preez

You've recognized that a diversity of perspectives achieves better business outcomes. 

Now what? 

There’s no single answer or formula. We all begin our DEI journeys at different points. Some of us have plenty of experience with people from different cultures; others of us grew up primarily around people who look and live just like us. The process of learning how to accept and adapt to differences varies widely based on our backgrounds, dispositions, and even our own cultures.  

CultureALL DEI Planning consultants use a proven process that consists of three distinct phases to support your business as you grow and develop inclusive behaviors. Our unique approach begins with measuring your organization’s capacity to accept and adapt to differences. We then use that data to engage your employees in developmental activities so that you can achieve a workplace culture where people from a wide range of backgrounds feel connected and valued. 

Engage employees in a variety of experiences with CultureALL Ambassadors and Open Book storytellers

Step 1:  Measure 

Before you begin planning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) activities for your organization, you will benefit from a solid understanding of what will best support your team at this stage of their development. 

When working with CultureALL DEI Planning consultants, you will get research and data that puts you on an effective path toward a truly inclusive workplace. We examine your business culture, goals, past efforts to reach those goals, and the structures that make employee engagement and professional development activities easier. 

Building a more inclusive culture is a big task; CultureALL will become the friend you can depend on to remove barriers so you have a clear path forward. 

CultureALL DEI Planning consultants will interview select employees, observe group interactions, review key documents, and consider structures and processes to gain insight into the kind of support your team members will need as they expand their DEI skillsets. In addition, we’ll use the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to get objective data about your organization’s current capacity to benefit from diversity. 

The data you get from IDI becomes your motivation, showing you how far you’ve come, where you want to go, and what it will take to get there. 

We use this data to tailor a roadmap specific to your organization as you move the needle on your DEI efforts.

IDI is the leading psychometric instrument to objectively quantify your capacity to accept and adapt to differences. This confidential 20-minute survey posits 50 statements for you to react to. The report generated by IDI provides details that are different from opinion surveys. What you get instead are data points that offer valuable insight into your capacity to bridge differences. 

The roadmap is only the beginning. Using data from IDI, CultureALL advisors meet 1:1 with team members to begin planning ways they can build new skills for expanding perspectives.  

Employees at Mainstream Living discuss what they've learned during a CultureALL presentation

As your business shifts, your DEI needs may shift as well. You will find that meeting quarterly with CultureALL DEI Planning consultants will provide the much needed structure and discipline to look back at what you accomplished as you set your next goals to move forward. 

No two companies approach building inclusive practices in the workplace the same way. But it might help to learn how other organizations are making progress.

Bankers Trust Puts in the Work

Bankers Trust is one such organization that was searching for innovative solutions for their employees to expand their ability to work in an increasingly multicultural world. The company had built an award winning reputation as a group that values diversity and inclusion, but they wanted to move the needle even further.

"Sometimes businesses don't create enough spaces where we are pushed or challenged or supported in ways that we can continue to grow,” said Amanda Young, the Chief Human Resources Officer for the bank. 

Bankers Trust partnered with CultureALL to establish their baseline and determine how they could develop further in their DEI efforts. It takes confidence and strength to learn where you are in your development as an inclusive individual, but it’s necessary work to build equitable practices in our community. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Bankers Trust’s journey towards becoming a more inclusive workplace.

Congratulations to Bankers Trust for winning the WDM Chamber’s DEI Workplace Excellence award for Large Business.

To learn about Step 2 of CultureALL's DEI Planning Process, read our next blog post.

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