I remember boarding my first international flight

November 29, 2020

Paul Brown with his wife Kathy and CultureALL Ambassador Yoko Tanaka.

People like you and me who’ve had the privilege of traveling - we know the benefits of gaining diverse perspectives. We’ve been lucky.

I was born the son of a meat cutter. I grew up in a little Iowa town called Clinton with limited travel experiences in the US. I certainly didn't own a passport for international travel. Come to think about it, my cultural experiences growing up were mainly through food. French Fries, Italian Lasagna, and Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken!

That said, I leaped at the chance to travel to other countries. Through Principal Financial Group I studied more than 40 countries and traveled to a good number of them.

Wow! Did it ever change my life?!  I remember boarding my first international flight with a spectrum of feelings ranging from excitement to scared stiff! However, once I landed, it all turned to fascination and learning. I found we lived in a world of differences that were not scary or alarming, but differences that were exciting and interesting. I watched, I listened, I made many friends and I enjoyed every magical minute of it. I couldn't wait to come back home and share what I found with whoever listened.  

Now that I am retired, I’m still sharing. I am thrilled to be working on the Board of CultureALL, where sharing cultural traditions is used to improve the lives of us all.

CultureALL's way of sharing cultures is how we learn to value diversity in real life.

CultureALL Ambassadors offer Iowans a wide world of life experiences. These Ambassadors teach and engage the young minds of tomorrow’s leaders - and the leaders of today, too, for those of us who are willing to still learn. CultureALL helps all of us value diversity and find our way through navigating differences.  

The unique approach CultureALL utilizes in schools and in their consultative work with corporations is grounded in research and very effective.

I get so excited when I see results, and my experience has been that CultureALL delivers results.

You and I have had the privilege of traveling. But so many people in Iowa don’t have opportunities like this. Visit the CultureALL website to see how we change attitudes and behaviors in ways that elevate us all. Join our globally minded group of people who value diverse perspectives. There is so much sharing we can do to benefit our community because of CultureALL.

CultureALL believes that sharing the cultural richness of our community with others will elevate our society and the quality of life for all.