May Roundup: Navigating Challenges and Shaping the Future of DEI

May 7, 2024

Antonio Mouzon, Lorena Dorado-Robles, and Dylan Does joined CultureALL in a panel at the Iowa Rural Development Summit to discuss revitalizing the future of rural towns through a sense of belonging.

The CultureALL team continues to acquire new information and perspectives that are important for building a more inclusive society. 

We’re sharing with you what we’re learning. Here is a round-up of articles from DEI practitioners, thought leaders, and experts on how we can make our world a more inclusive place for ALL. 

Black Women In DEI Are Under Attack - Forbes

Dr. Sherita Golden was forced to step down from her role as chief DEI officer at Johns Hopkins Medicine when she defined the word “privileged.” Her experience is not unique, as the anti-DEI movement has placed greater scrutiny on Black women in DEI positions. Janice Gassam Asare explores how Black women working in the DEI field can care for and prioritize themselves while continuing to create inclusive spaces. 

The Multifaceted Path Forward for DEI - Dr. Nika White, CDE. IOM. 

In the midst of anti-DEI rhetoric and pushback against DEI professionals, one thing has become clear—people lack a clear understanding of what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion truly means. DEI practitioners have the opportunity to lean in to their multitude of experiences, educations, and specialties to shift the narrative of how DEI can better improve our world. Dr. Nika White looks at the different approaches we can take to help folks understand the importance of our work. 

What is economic inclusion? - McKinsey & Company

Economic inclusion means that all people’s basic needs are met and they are able to lead fulfilling, empowered lives. Building an inclusive economy can help us build a world where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and able to be themselves. This article from McKinsey & Company shares how boosting economic inclusion will have a profound impact in reducing inequality around the world. 

Can we take back the inclusion, diversity, and equity story? - PR Week

Medtronic's Chief Communications Officer Torod B. Neptune issued a challenge to his colleagues in the marketing and communications industry. He invites these professionals to reclaim the DEI narrative by focusing on the business case, not the rhetoric. This article focuses on the bottom-line benefits of team diversity, suggests ways to achieve those goals.

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