CultureALL Presents: Essential Practice for Inclusive Cultures

December 1, 2023

You and your colleagues want to be kind and welcoming. Even so, you may struggle in certain situations, especially when interactions are unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Tatyana Fertelmeyster will lead you in a skill-building session that boosts the clarity, courage, and confidence that you and your colleagues can leverage to bridge differences and lead in a complex work environment. Let's identify pivotal moments together and refine our interactions, starting with noticing that something’s up. Then, let’s explore our own deeper core values at play. This essential practice will prepare us to engage in productive dialogue, bridge differences, and lead with constructive action.  

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What to expect

·       Values-driven strategies for engaging across differences

·       Basics of Personal Leadership

·       Understanding what each person brings into the mix

·       Identify the parts of interaction that we have control over  

December 8, 2023

8 am - Noon

Location: ITA Group, 4600 Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA

Refreshments will be served

A special thanks to ITA Group for providing the space for this event.

Be sure to register so we can send you instructions for parking and accessing the building.

$100 per person

Registration is limited to 35

About the Facilitator

Tatyana Fertelmeyster is the Founder and Principal of Chicago-based consulting company, Connecting Differences. Her work as a consultant, coach, and facilitator is informed by her background in journalism, mental health counseling, and refugee services. She grew up in Moscow, Russia, and came to Chicago in 1989 as a refugee from the then Soviet Union. She has been a perennial faculty member at the legendary Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication and is a past president of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR-USA) as well as a member of the SIETAR Advisory Board.

Meet Tatyana

"My own life has presented me with many conflicting perspectives. I grew up in the Soviet Union and came to the United States as a refugee. Many years of working with refugees and training professionals in refugee services enriched me with stories of human struggle and resilience. Going back to school and becoming a mental health counselor taught me to step into somebody else’s inner world with empathy and compassion. My personal experience of living in between cultures and languages led me on a path to intercultural and diversity work. I see myself as a facilitator first and foremost. I facilitate trainings, meetings, and complex processes, and give trainees the skills to continue that work themselves. Most importantly, I facilitate changes and deep shifts for individuals and teams I work with. To facilitate means to make things easier, and that is what I do: I make it easier for teams and organizations to work through complex issues. Some of my colleagues and clients refer to me as “Chief Clarity Officer.”  In the words attributed to Albert Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

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