Attend our webinar—Facing Forward: Strategies for DEI Advocates in Challenging Times

April 15, 2024

So many of us are passionate about fostering change, building community, and making the world a more equitable place for all.

The current climate of pushback against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can make that work difficult.

CultureALL's DEI Business Consultant, Paula Bell, is hosting a webinar April 29, 2024, that explores different strategies for navigating DEI work with resilience during challenging times like these.

This three-part interactive series will provide valuable insight into the challenges we're facing and how we can continue doing the work of building a world where everyone feels safe, valued, and welcomed.

In Part 1, we will:

  • Understand current challenges faced by DEI advocates
  • Explore strategies for staying resilient in the face of adversity
  • Navigate opposition to DEI work with evidence-based arguments and narratives

Register today for Part 1 of this webinar series.

CultureALL was founded in 2005. In honor of our incorporation year and the nearly 20 years of work we've been doing of building a more inclusive Iowa, part one of this series will only cost $20.05.

CultureALL believes that sharing the cultural richness of our community with others will elevate our society and the quality of life for all.