It is a necessity that children in our classrooms learn to respect diversity - and seek out similarities. We need people finding ways to get along, allowing people to be who they are, getting to know people from other cultures and backgrounds.
In this time of great dissension, CultureALL is so needed. Right NOW.
- Loretta Sieman

The Ambassadors are the coolest people. When you see them outside of school or when they come the next year, it's like they're your old friend. That connection never goes away.
- Kavitha Makayee, Chair, PTO Multicultural Committee, Brookview Elementary   

The personalized stories made it so real. It's a great program.
- Denny Rutledge, Participant from Grinnell 

This is the best day ever. I wish it wouldn't end.
- Young student while hugging an Ambassador

Thank you for providing these enriching and diverse multigenerational opportunities. Perkins Elementary Culture Night is the highlight for my family every year.  Learning WITH our kids—what better modeling can be done?!
- Jill Featherstone, Parent  

The Ambassadors really had the kids engaged. They loved it so much they were upset if their parents came too early to pick them up.
- Karissa Chavarria, Monroe Afterschool Coordinator  

CultureALL provides opportunities not found elsewhere. When we know people's stories, we empathize with them and come to value them more fully. CultureALL works to nurture a certain comfort with people from different cultures.
- Anonymous Donor

CultureALL believes that sharing the cultural richness of our community with others will elevate our society and the quality of life for all.