Ludovic Ngoma


Democratic Republic of Congo

Ludovic Ngoma is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who has lived in Iowa since 2016. Ludovic grew up in Kinshasa, the capital, where he attended medical school. Ludovic is very passionate about sharing aspects of the Congolese culture in different environments. He is a columnist in the newspaper The Catholic Mirror where he shares his reflections about the Congolese rite, which was the first Catholic rite to incorporate elements of the African tradition. Ludovic is also co-founder of the Congolese Catholic Community of Iowa. Ludovic currently works at MercyONE Medical Center in the critical care unit. Listening to Congolese Music is his hobby. His favorite Congolese musician is Werrason because from him he learned to never give up even when everything seems to be lost.