Josie Shaw



Josephine (Josie) Shaw is a native of Kenya and a member of the Luhya tribe. She came to the United States in 1989 to attend Central Missouri State University. In addition to sharing her culture as a Cultural Ambassador for CultureALL, she advocates for Swahili-speaking immigrants, many of whom are refugees from Central and East Africa. Through her company, Sunshine Affiliates, Josie works as a translator and is involved in helping African refugees by delivering donated items and assisting them with paperwork.

Josie has a passion for educating people about Africa and wants to correct the misconceptions that many Americans seem to have about Africa. She also believes that all children should have pride in their own cultures. She has noticed that children of African heritage are more confident and more likely to embrace their family’s culture after seeing a presentation about Africa.

Josie currently lives in Clive with her son and their dogs.