CultureALL is hiring - Program Director

June 15, 2023

Reports to: Operations Director
Classification: Full-time, salaried $42-$60k annually  
Location: Greater Des Moines
Start Date: July 2023

About the Position

The Program Director is responsible for managing every aspect of CultureALL’s program development, quality and delivery. The position requires strategic planning to expand CultureALL programming to new audiences while strengthening our relationships with current clients.  The Program Director also enhances the quality of CultureALL programs by working closely with CultureALL Ambassadors and community advisors to produce workshops that are transformative.

As the Program Director, you will be responsible for ensuring a high quality of service, scheduling programs, and planning and managing for program growth. We are excited for you to get to know more than 80 Ambassadors in CultureALL’s network as they represent 40+ cultures. You will also recruit new Ambassadors and oversee their training and development. The clients you will serve and support include schools, retirement communities, businesses, libraries, festivals, and more. These clients will rely on your guidance to produce experiences that leave everyone feeling like they belong.

And through all of this, you will document detailed records about each client communication and booking with impeccable accuracy. CultureALL served 40,000+ people this year with a small staff of five people. We work collaboratively to identify our annual and quarterly goals, we support each other in accomplishing those goals, and we hold each other accountable for getting the work done. We are eager for you to join us in this vital role of sharing cultures so Iowa becomes more welcoming, inclusive, and able to prosper.


70% Scheduling

Embrace each client and every Ambassador in a big, supportive “hug”

- Deeply understand clients’ unique qualities and desired outcomes

- Deeply understand Ambassadors’ needs and advocate for them

- Proactively anticipate and mitigate issues so clients and Ambassadors feel it is a joy to work with CultureALL

Puzzle together event schedules and cost estimates that are tailored to each clients’ needs

Streamline and refine communications with clients and Ambassadors

Enter event details into Salesforce including payment and invoicing information

Communicate with other staff members (marketing, operations and community engagement) to ensure customers and donors feel informed, inspired, included and properly served

20% Program Quality

Identify the cultures that are not adequately represented on CultureALL’s current roster of Ambassadors; Drive efforts to recruit additional Ambassadors and workshop themes

Coordinate and oversee Ambassadors as they develop workshops that align with curriculum goals and other expected outcomes

Develop and supervise Ambassadors’ on-going professional development

Routinely survey clients, Ambassadors, and participants; Evaluate data to improve programs and services; communicate survey details at weekly staff meetings and quarterly board meetings

Follow up with clients to exchange photos and anecdotes to reinforce the impact of our programs and strengthen client relationships

10% Business Expansion

Engage with clients and collaborators to create cultural experiences tailored to their needs

Build and strengthen relationships with clients, including:

- K-12 educators

- Parent/teacher organizations,

- Retirement communities

- Nonprofit partners

Set program targets and goals with executive leadership

Advise the design of promotional materials

Minimum Qualifications

Proven leadership success

Prior experience with scheduling required

Highly professional - with integrity, optimism, energy, and collaboration

Detail-oriented with outstanding organizational skills

Efficient with time management; Self-disciplined to complete administrative tasks and recordkeeping with accuracy and timeliness

Enthusiastic about calling on new clients, especially in the K-12 education system

Experience related to culture, diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and belonging

Excellent client-centered communication skills

Experience with software for word processing, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and CRM databases (Salesforce)

Highly motivated to serve CultureALL’s mission

Aligned with CultureALL’s values

Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation

How to Apply

Send Required Materials to by July 5, 2023

Required Materials:

- Cover letter detailing qualifications and relevant experience

- Resume

- References: Provide contact information for at least 1 supervisor and 1 client

- Work samples: Submit evidence of your previous work:

    - Creating event schedules

    - Communicating with clients

    - Advancing diversity, equity, anti-racism, belonging, inclusion, and accessibility

About CultureALL

CultureALL values the diversity of our community. You'll see us in schools, the workplace, and wherever people gather. The experiences we provide invite Iowans to participate in cultural traditions which lead to greater appreciation for the diversity around us. Our ultimate goal is to elevate our behaviors and attitudes to a higher level of acceptance and collaboration.

CultureALL believes that sharing the cultural richness of our community with others will elevate our society and the quality of life for all.